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Empa Mundo
3977 N Belt Line Rd
Irving, TX 75038
(972) 746-4516
Empa Mundo

Empa Mundo Guava and Cheese Empanada

Empa Mundo Guava and Cheese Empanada

December 7, 2017

Empa Mundo is a husband and wife operated restaurant located on the western side of Irving. Central to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Empa Mundo has been serving up tasty empanadas and alfajores to devoted fans of the likes you might see wandering the streets of old town Buenos Aires. The focus here is solely on empanadas with a sweet nod to alfajores to finish out a satisfying meal of Argentinian comfort food.

All empanadas are $2.99 each making them the deal of the century if you’ve ever spent the time to make these at home. Well worth the price of entry. Empa Mundo serves 18 flavors of empanada, plenty enough to satiated the pickiest of eaters. I’ve dined at Empa Mundo on multiple occassions as of this writing and I have to say I’ve absolutely loved every single flavor of empanada I’ve had. On this particular visit I started round one with my favorites the Criolla and the Humita. The Criolla is filled with ground beef, onions, olives, raisins and eggs. Perfectly balanced between savory and a hint of sweet this perfectly prepared empanada is moist and packed full of flavor. Along with it I had the Humita which is filled with corn, onions, cheese and white sauce. My nod albeit a weak one to something vegetables this empanada is also packed with flavor, ooey gooey to use a technical term and perfectly prepared as well. I won’t go into detail on the other rounds ordered but I also had the Chilipanzinga, Chicken Gordon Bleu and Chorizo empanadas and all were equally good in their own right. I even purchased a few Guava & Cheese and Nutella & Banana “to go” for breakfast the next morning. Fresh or leftover Empa Mundo is dishing out some tasty treats.

Service is counter service. You take a glossed menu and wax pencil and write your order down and present it at the counter where it is prepared fresh to order. Attire is casual; shorts and a t-shirt are more than enough to get you in the door of this very casual, strip center location. There is plenty of parking available in the lot in front of the restaurant. Empa Mundo allows BYOB so if you’re dining in be sure and bring a bottle of your favorite Malbec and enjoy a glass over a couple of rounds of empanadas. Don’t forget to bring your own stemware.

Empa Mundo: highly recommended for those seeking their empanada and alfajore fix.

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Cabernet Grill
2805 S State Hwy 16
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Phone: (830) 990-5734
Cabernet Grill

Cabernet Grill Fredericksburg

Cabernet Grill Fredericksburg (courtesy of Cabernet Grill)

October 27, 2017

Cabernet Grill bills itself as a Texas Wine Country Restaurant. Located on the outskirts of Fredericksburg, Texas in the heart of Texas Hill & Wine Country Cabernet Grill offers up an array of Hill Country Grilled Fare in a pleasant, rustic environment.

I started my meal with the Hill Country Caesar Salad ($8.00). This Central Texas version of it’s namesake classic is made with fresh whole leaves of Romaine lettuce topped with a creamy garlic dressing, pecorino cheese and peppered croutons. It was good albeit a little small in size and a bit hot tasting from a little too much horseradish. Still, it made for a nice start to the meal while waiting for my entree.

My entree for the evening was the Lobster Topped Chicken Fried Certified Angus Beef Ribeye ($29.00). It was good and odd at the same time. Topped with a green chile cream gravy I’d say remove the lobster and add some more fresh sliced green chile to the gravy and kick up that aspect for a spicy southwestern chicken fried steak in lieu of the lobster presentation. The richness of the lobster was just too much on top of the richness of the fried steak in addition to the rich cream gravy. Too much of a good thing. The three cheese grits were a good side. The vegetable melody was inedible due to an aroma exactly the same as TCA taint. I’d pass on this entree next time.

My dining partner and myself wrapped up the evening with the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake ($8.00). This sugar bomb was rich, heavy handed on the chocolate and sugar from the three types of chocolates laced with dense cheesecake slices. This is definitely a dessert to split between two people. It is too big for one with so much sugar. A couple of spoonfuls per person is more than enough.

Service was good although at times our server seemed a bit over the top with his comments. Kitchen service was a good pace.

Cabernet Grill features an all Texas wine list. We had a 2016 Lewis Cellars Rose High Plains that paired effectively with the two spicy entrees we had. Plenty of choices to match your meals and overall Texas wines are greatly improved over just a decade ago so go local and enjoy.

Reservations are highly recommended. Major credit cards are accepted. Attire is Casual Friday; Jeans or Slacks plus a nice button down shirt are mandatory in my opinion. Parking is in the lot and street along the restaurant.

Conclusion: Cabernet Grill is a good Fredericksburg dining option. Not necessarily a destination all on it’s own but I wouldn’t hesitate to return if I was in town.

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Desi Kitchen
1515 S Cooper St Suite D
Arlington, TX 76010
Phone (469) 677-7747
Desi Kitchen

Desi Kitchen Vada

Desi Kitchen Vada

October 13, 2017

Desi Kitchen serves Authentic Indian Cuisine and does it well. Located in an unassuming strip center at the intersection of Park Row & Cooper St near the University of Texas Arlington Campus in Central Arlington this clean, sleek restaurant is a welcomed addition on the Arlington Ethnic Cuisine scene.

When you arrive you head straight to the counter where you place your order before sitting at any open table available. Payment comes later after you’ve eaten your meal. A slightly different spin on normal table service: order at the counter, sit, served, eat and return to the counter to pay. Efficient but my one recommendation here is if you’re not completely familiar with Indian cuisine you visit their web site in advance and research the offerings online so you’re prepared and ready upon arrival.

I ordered a Snack to start of the Vada ($3.99). Vada is a savory snack primarily from India proper. The Vada at Desi Kitchen are typical in the shape of a doughnut. Accompanied by three dipping sauces or Chutney. The Vada were hot and well seasoned and fried just so as not to be oily. The dipping sauces each took the Vada in a different direction, each standing out on their own, mostly building in intensity of spice from one to the other. This Snack is recommended.

Desi Kitchen Goat Biryani

Desi Kitchen Goat Biryani

My entree was the Goat Dum Biryani ($6.99). Biryani is a mixed rice dish typically available throughout South Asian, India in particular. Prepared with your selection of halal meats available each Biryani can be ordered prepared regular, medium spice and Spicy. Please be forewarned that Spicy means Spicy. This preparation is not for the faint of heart. My Biryani was prepared with Goat meat and Spicy. Tons of flavor here from all of the spices used with the mix of rices. Served with two dipping sauces I definitely recommend uses the coconut milk sauce to help quell the spice here. Next time I’ll likely order yogurt as a side, typical for this dish to smooth out the spice level. Moist and well prepared just be aware that it is typical to serve meats in India with the bones still attached. This dish is recommended.

My dining companions had the Chicken Curry ($6.99). Definitely not on the spice level as the Spicy Biryani this flavorful, moist dish packed a spicy kick as well. The curry broth was excellent, evidenced by the bowls wiped clean by the tasty Garlic Naan. This dish is recommended.

Food and wait service was quick and consistent throughout. Major credit cards are accepted. Parking is free and plentiful in the shared strip center lot in front of the restaurant. Attire is casual; shorts and a t-shirt get you in the door here.

Desi Kitchen: recommended.

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Bullies BBQ
3 Regency Pkwy
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Phone: (843) 686-7427
Bullies BBQ

Bullies Pulled Chicken and Beef Brisket

Bullies Pulled Chicken and Beef Brisket

October 11, 2017

Bullies BBQ is serving up good old South Carolina BBQ in the heart of Hilton Head, SC. Set in a small store front in a shared center this smokey and I mean SMOKEY restaurant is focusing on South Carolina Pulled Pork slow smoked over Mesquite wood for the better part of a day.

I had the Bulldog Two Meat Combo Dinner ($18.99) selecting their renowned Pulled Chicken along with the Beef Brisket. I found the Pulled Chicken to be EXCELLENT. Moist and full of flavor it exceeded my expectations by a large margin. The brisket was fine. Fairly moist with a nice smoke flavor it’s just a little different than my preferred Texas style of beef brisket simply rubbed with a Dalmatian rub and cooked in an offset smoker. Rounding out the dinner plate are French Fries, Cole Slaw and Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread. All were perfectly fine but make no mistake; the focus here is on the meats. Particularly the pulled chicken. I basically nibbled at and mostly skipped my sides.

Service is counter service and kitchen service seemed a bit slow so if you’re in a hurry don’t stop. Attire is casual; shorts and a t-shirt get you in the door. Parking is available in the shared lot in front of the restaurant. Major credit cards are accepted.

NOTE: when approaching the restaurant be on the look out for the Palmetto Dunes Entrance (gas station right there) or you’ll turn into the office lot next door in error like I did.

Conclusion: Solid BBQ. Come for the Pulled Chicken.

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Connie’s Cafe
1700 W. Park Row Drive #116
Arlington, TX 76013
Phone (817) 583-6180
http://www.WEBSITE HERE!!!!!

October 14, 2017

Connie’s Cafe is one of the newest additions to the Central Arlington dining scene. Located in the old Chopped House Burgers location the focus here is on homecooking. Typical selections of Breakfast and Lunch entrees slightly expanded for the new evening hours (was only open for breakfast and lunch the first few weeks).

I had the Daily Special Chopped Steak with regular sides of Green Beans and Side Salad ($8.95). The Chopped Steak was flavorful and typical of a chopped steak but unfortunately it was cooked well done to the point a knife was needed to cut through the tough exterior. Chopped Steak should be fork tender so a slight ding on the preparation. The green beans were good and appeared to be homemade with a solid, smoky ham hock flavor to the broth. Unfortunately I made the mistake of dumping the side of Ranch Dressing onto my side salad (something I rarely if ever do) and the Ranch Dressing tasted terrible to me. Something akin to a Miracle Whip flavor I did not eat my salad. Lesson learned. This entree is only recommended if you can specify preparation be medium to medium rare and send it back if not prepared properly.

My dining companion got the other Daily Special of Fried Catfish. After sharing entrees and sides with everybody at the table the Catfish was unanimously deemed the best thing ordered. Crispy and flavorful with a good firmness inside while maintaining ample moisture and flakiness. This entree is recommended.

Last mistake was ordering a Chicken Fried Steak to go. This apparently gave the server the impression we were done bringing out the to go order along with a finalized check. Pity. Desserts at Connie’s Cafe are homemade and looked appetizing but I guess I’ll have to wait until a return visit to find out having quietly slinked to the front of restaurant with my prematurely prepared lunch check in tow.

Connie’s Cafe is open Sunday & Monday 6:30 AM-3:00 PM, Thursday through Saturday 06:30 AM-8:00 PM. Major credit cards are accepted (pay at front). Parking is in front of the restaurant in the shared strip center lot. Attire is casual; shorts and a t-shirt are enough to get you in the door.

Connie’s Cafe: good enough for a quick and reasonably priced bite if you’re in the area; not a destination unto it’s own.

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Treylor Park
115 E Bay St
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 495-5557
Treylor Park

October 8, 2017

Treylor Park is a funky, eclectic place located on Bay Street in Old Town Savannah. From the mish mash of the surroundings to the craziness of the food and drinks Treylor Park offers up a unique dining experience in Old Town Savannah.

We popped in for a quick lunch on a Sunday afternoon before heading to the airport. Not a bright idea to be honest. Treylor Park does not take reservations and the wait can be long at this popular restaurant. We almost left twice: once before being seated and once again waiting for our food to arrive. Fortunately we didn’t leave, making time to finish lunch before heading to the airport.

I had the Chicken & Pancake Tacos ($14.00). This funky taco combination doesn’t know whether it is a breakfast or lunch item. The taco shells are made of peppered pancakes that are folded into the shape of a taco shell and then stuffed with fried chicken strips which are topped with a Chili Aioli and Strawberry Salsa. Confused yet? It had good flavor but was messy as it gets. This dish is recommended.

I also ordered one of their unique cocktails, a Shot in the Dark ($10.00) consisting of white rum, lime juice, ginger beer and dark rum. It was tasty and went well with the food but one was enough. Water thereafter.

As previously noted Treylor Park does not accept reservations so be prepared for a wait in the non-existant waiting area or impossible to find an open seat tiny bar. Major credit cards are accepted. Attire is casual; nice shorts and a polo shirt get you in the door. Parking is in any surface lot or garage you can find in Old Town Savannah followed by a short walk to the restaurant.

Conclusion: Treylor Park is a funky and fun lunch for a moderate price in Old Town Savannah. Just don’t be in a hurry.

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The Olde Pink House
23 Abercorn St.
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 232-4286
The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House Praline Basket

The Olde Pink House Praline Basket

October 7, 2017

The Olde Pink House is one of Savannah’s most popular restaurants, particularly for a special evening out. Located in Old Town Savannah next to the Planters Inn across from Reynolds Square The Old Pink House serves up Low Country Cuisine in a sophisticated, yet casual setting.

We arrived right on time for our 7 PM reservation and were quickly escorted past the throngs at the front door waiting for any available table on a busy, Saturday evening. We were taken up the elevator in the rear of the restaurant (ask if you have trouble navigating old stairs) to the upper level dining room where we were seated at a table for two in the center of the restaurant. Cocktail orders were quickly taken as well as water served. Bread came a bit later after ordering creating a short where’s the bread moment.

The focus at The Olde Pink House is on Low Country Cuisine and New Southern Cooking. Pink House Platters are available for larger groups looking to share several selections of southern staples such as fried green tomatoes, shrimp, fritters, grits, etc… Appetizer selections are plentiful from Fried Green Tomatoes to Sliders, Oysters and beyond. Several soup & salad offerings are also available and a plethora of entrees including typically one daily special.

We started our evening with the Fried Green Tomatoes ($9.50). This perfect for two to share starter consisted of two fresh, green tomatoes lightly battered in stone ground cornmeal and fried to perfect tenderness and crispiness. Topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon over a Sweet Corn Cream this tasty appetizer just hits the spot getting the appetite satiated in preparation for the entrees to come.  This appetizer is recommended.

The Olde Pink House Crisp Lobster Tails

The Olde Pink House Crisp Lobster Tails

My entree for the evening was the Crispy Fried Lobster Tails ($36.50). This entree consists of not one but two fried lobster tails offering up a filling, substantial meal for the hungriest of diners. Served with a perfect accompaniment of Sweet Chili Dijon sauce for dipping this delicious entree comes with Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and Butter Beans on the side. The Mashed Potatoes were good but the Speckled Butter Beans were simply outstanding. Probably the best I’ve ever eaten. This entree is recommended to highly recommended.

My dining companion had the Crispy Scored Flounder ($32.95) which she absolutely loved. Never a fan of bone in, whole fish her opinion flipped a full 180 with this eye opening dish. The Flounder is scored in a cross pattern on both sides and panned fried skin on to a perfect crispiness. Served on top of an Apricot Shallot Sauce this mouth watering entree comes with Geechie Boy Grits and Collard Greens on the side. Both were good to very good. This entree is highly recommended.

The Olde Pink House Mousse Bombe

The Olde Pink House Mousse Bombe

For dessert we shared the Peanut Butter & Praline Mousse Bombe ($10.95) and the Praline Basket ($8.00). The Mousse Bombe consists of peanut butter mousse, chocolate ganache and praline crisps. Thick, unctuous and sweet this rich dessert is recommended. The Praline Basket consists of almonds and pecans, vanilla bean ice cream, mango-citrus puree all topped with fresh, seasonal fruit. Full of flavorful, crispy nuts contrasted with the light, fresh fruit and palate cleansing ice cream this balanced dessert cuts through it’s richness offering up a tasty, satisfying finish to a perfect meal.  This dessert is recommended.

The Old Pink House has a nice, serviceable wine list. Prices seem to be in the area of two times retail, some cases a bit more.  Stemware is acceptable. We opted for a Franciacorte that paired easily with each of our seafood selections.

The Olde Pink House was easily the best meal we had while in Savannah. Although it is a bit on the pricey side it is still highly recommended.

Reservation are accepted and highly recommended. Major credit cards are accepted. Attire is business casual; slacks and a nice button down dress shirt are recommended. Some gentlemen wear a sport coat. A few stand out in shorts and golf shirts. Parking is any Old Town garage and walking a few blocks to the restaurant.

Conclusion: The Olde Pink House is highly recommended for a special evening out on the town in Old Town Savannah.

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