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Saddle Ranch Chop House
Westgate Entertainment District
9375 West Coyotes Blvd
Glendale, AZ 85205
Phone: 623.889.7770
Saddle Ranch Chop House

February 9, 2015

I was in Phoenix on business to attend a conference and was invited to join a few associates to dine at Saddle Ranch Chop House. Barring the good time spent chatting and catching up with others I probably should’ve declined and ordered a pizza delivered to my hotel instead.

We were eventually greeted by the person I presume was manning the front desk and shown to our preferred table outside on the patio. It was a beautiful desert night to be enjoyed. Drink orders were quickly taken and eventually were served. Well, part of them. I didn’t get my water I specifically ordered. So I reminded the waitress a second time for the water.

Orders were then taken and I opted for the Rib-eye ($29.99) with Loaded Baked Potato and Sauteed Spinach. I requested the steak be prepared medium rare. It was served medium rare as requested and stone cold to the touch. That’s OK because it was also served with a cold baked potato (figure that one out) which when loaded apparently omits some things like butter and cheese and bacon and the like. I didn’t get the sauteed spinach either. I got the seasonal vegetables. Eventually the spinach showed up and…you guessed it…it was cold. By the way, I still didn’t get my water. I finally gave up on the water. Apparently they don’t waste water on ungrateful people visiting the desert.

Needless to say unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger I won’t be back.

Maybe they take reservations. Who cares. Major credit cards are accepted. They managed to take my money no problem. Parking is free self part in the massive parking lot adjacent to the entertainment district. Attire is casual. Feel free to wear your skivvies and I’m With Stupid t-shirt.

Conclusion: I won’t be back. Ever.

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Sheraton Crescent Hotel
2620 West Dunlap Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Phone: 602.943.8200
Sheraton Crescent Hotel

Sheraton Crescent Hotel Phoenix AZ

Sheraton Crescent Hotel Phoenix AZ

February 8-10, 2015

The Sheraton Crescent is a business class hotel located on the western edge of Phoenix, Arizona. Built in 1986 the hotel was last updated in 2014 giving it an up to date, fresh appeal to business and pleasure guests.

Common Areas

The common areas were well cared for, clean and reasonably up to date. Lots of tile and soft brown toned woods. Full service amenities including restaurant, bar, pool, meeting rooms, business center, parking garage, etc…


The room was also well carded for, clean and reasonably up to date. The only strikes I saw were minor, normal wear and tear type of items such as scuffs on painted doors, tiny nicks in the bathtub, etc… The room has everything needed for business or pleasure including desk, chair, TV, comfortable bed, extra overstuffed pillows, etc…

Food & Beverage

The bar area is a nice area to relax at the end of the day or the end of the evening after spending time with clients or friends. That’s the only plus here in my opinion. The food is substandard throughout. I ate lunch in the Indigo Bistro and half of my dish was good and the other have inedible. I ate breakfast in my room via room service and the poached eggs tasted like they were boiled in dirty, caustic water. I ate lunch in the meeting rooms via the catering department and the food was mostly bland and mundane. So if you’re planning on skipping the rental car don’t: you’ll need it to go out for every meal.

The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

Internet at this hotel sucks. Period. Notice I didn’t say WiFi. I could connect to any WiFi in the hotel. In my room, lobby, meeting room, everywhere. Full signal every place I went. However, the moment I tried to cross the path from WiFi to Modem/ISP I died a horrible lingering death. Pages wouldn’t load. Pages would half load and stop mid stream and say they couldn’t be found. It was completely unbearable and impossible to conduct business online in the 21st century. This was not limited to me. I confirmed with numerious people in my group (I was attending a convention) that they too had the same issue. I complained to two separate people with the Sheraton staff and the issue was not resolved before departure. This issue alone is enough to keep me from returning to this hotel in the future. This issue is way too important for me as a business traveler to risk staying here again.

Conclusion: Good hotel with good pricing but lousy food and outright crappy Internet. I won’t return.

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