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Connie’s Cafe
1700 W. Park Row Drive #116
Arlington, TX 76013
Phone (817) 583-6180
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October 14, 2017

Connie’s Cafe is one of the newest additions to the Central Arlington dining scene. Located in the old Chopped House Burgers location the focus here is on homecooking. Typical selections of Breakfast and Lunch entrees slightly expanded for the new evening hours (was only open for breakfast and lunch the first few weeks).

I had the Daily Special Chopped Steak with regular sides of Green Beans and Side Salad ($8.95). The Chopped Steak was flavorful and typical of a chopped steak but unfortunately it was cooked well done to the point a knife was needed to cut through the tough exterior. Chopped Steak should be fork tender so a slight ding on the preparation. The green beans were good and appeared to be homemade with a solid, smoky ham hock flavor to the broth. Unfortunately I made the mistake of dumping the side of Ranch Dressing onto my side salad (something I rarely if ever do) and the Ranch Dressing tasted terrible to me. Something akin to a Miracle Whip flavor I did not eat my salad. Lesson learned. This entree is only recommended if you can specify preparation be medium to medium rare and send it back if not prepared properly.

My dining companion got the other Daily Special of Fried Catfish. After sharing entrees and sides with everybody at the table the Catfish was unanimously deemed the best thing ordered. Crispy and flavorful with a good firmness inside while maintaining ample moisture and flakiness. This entree is recommended.

Last mistake was ordering a Chicken Fried Steak to go. This apparently gave the server the impression we were done bringing out the to go order along with a finalized check. Pity. Desserts at Connie’s Cafe are homemade and looked appetizing but I guess I’ll have to wait until a return visit to find out having quietly slinked to the front of restaurant with my prematurely prepared lunch check in tow.

Connie’s Cafe is open Sunday & Monday 6:30 AM-3:00 PM, Thursday through Saturday 06:30 AM-8:00 PM. Major credit cards are accepted (pay at front). Parking is in front of the restaurant in the shared strip center lot. Attire is casual; shorts and a t-shirt are enough to get you in the door.

Connie’s Cafe: good enough for a quick and reasonably priced bite if you’re in the area; not a destination unto it’s own.


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The Lady & Sons
102 W. Congress St.
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 233-2600
The Lady and Sons

October 5, 2017

It was a disappointment. They really push their buffet on you instead of ordering off the menu. The menu is fried, fried, fried and all sorts of uninteresting whether fried or not. So after my dining companion ordered the buffet the server said “so that’s two buffets” making my decision for me. I gave in. That was probably my critical mistake other than booking a reservation here in the first place.

It wasn’t that good. Chicken was mushy near the bone. Sides were OK, nothing more. My dining companion said the smothered pork chop was cold so I didn’t even bother trying it. Dessert was average at best. They forgot our drinks. Finally got them and they were wrong. Total cluster. I felt it was like going to the Golden Corral with a little extra salt added for twice the price. Seems to me Paula Deen & Sons are phoning it in and cashing checks. Three floors of buffet tables worth. Average rating because it was better than the Golden Corral. Otherwise I would’ve dinged it with a two star rating for Poor.

Reservations are accepted. Major credit cards accepted. Parking in the area is non existent other than parking garages with a short walk to the restaurant. Dress is casual. Shorts and a clean shirt get you in the door. Ambiance is loud on all three floors. You’ve been warned.

Conclusion: The Lady & Sons isn’t worth it unless you’re simply a die hard Paula Deen fan with no chance of seeing her.

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Jay Jay Café III
4401 Little Road, Suite 580
Arlington, TX 76016
(817) 563-1090
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Jay Jay ABC Omelet

Jay Jay ABC Omelet

July 15, 2012

Jay Jay Café is a locally owned and operated café “chain” if you can call it that. Jay Jay has a total of three locations in the City of Arlington, Texas: 518 N. Fielder Plaza, 1001 S. Bowen and this newest location at 4401 Little Road. The formula is simple: take over a formerly occupied space, clean it up and offer patrons a standard menu of home cooking for a good price for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We popped in for breakfast around 8:45AM on a lazy Sunday morning (opening day was Friday so bear in mind they are just getting started) and we were quickly and cheerfully greeted by our hostess. Quickly shown to a table of our choosing in the upper dining area the restaurant quickly filled in around us as our meal progressed: a great sign that we love to see. Another locally owned and operated restaurant being supported by the local community.

I opted for the ABC Omelet ($7.69) for my breakfast. This omelet consists of avocado, bacon, American cheese, onions and mushrooms. It was serviceable albeit a bit pedestrian. I would substitute cheddar for the American cheese and that should perk it up a bit. I’d also substitute the grits (a personal favorite) for the hash browns; the hash browns didn’t do a lot for me. Your choice of toast is also included.

The menu is fairly extensive so pop in several times for lunch is my recommendation. That’ll give you the opportunity to sample various items and form a better opinion. I plan to do so over the coming weeks and look forward to posting updates.

Something that is really nice is Jay Jay Café bakes pies fresh daily. I really love having a local restaurant available where I can quickly pop in and pick up a freshly baked pie for family occasions. Matter of fact, we picked up a German Chocolate Cream Pie after breakfast and brought it home to sample later.

Jay Jay Café is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They close early on Sundays. Attire is casual: shorts and a t-shirt get the job done. Reservations are not needed. Parking is free in the adjoining lot. Major credit cards are accepted.

Jay Jay Café III: basic home cooking at a fair price; nothing more, nothing less.

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