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I have a friend (floydtp) who has been bitten by the home brewing bug. He recently brewed and bottled his first Belgian Triple Ale and he asked me to take it for a test drive and give him my unvarnished opinion. Here are the results.

floydtp Belgian Triple Ale

floydtp Belgiam Tripel Ale

floydtp Belgiam Tripel Ale

Tasted February 3, 2013

Pours a deep golden to burnt orange color with a full and a pretty good, retentive head. Color is a bit darker than anticipated for a Belgian (should be more golden, less burnt orange) and is a bit cloudier than anticipated but a good visual appearance overall.

Throwing a decent amount of sediment which is contributing to the cloudiness of the ale. Needs to be stood beforehand and poured carefully as a result but it still came through. Maybe fine it a bit next time? For the record I did stand this and left a quarter inch in the bottle to minimize sediment.

Nose of malt, spice, mixed citrus fruits and a splash of ocean spray. Light yet attractive with aromas that are true to form.

Flavors of apricot, orange, lemon zest and malt. Light to medium bitters. Good flavor profile that is light to medium on the palate as anticipated. The only negative is there is a tiny bit of a bitter/earthy finish when I was anticipating instead a medium, pure and clean finish. Definitely not a detriment though.

Body is light to medium on the palate, fairly nimble and refreshing as anticipated. Just the tiny bit of bitterness on the finish is the only negative here.

Alcohol seems to be pretty in check, I’m guessing closer to the 7%-8 mark than the 9-10% mark. Seems within range. Tasted towards the lower end, feels towards the higher end if that makes sense. NOTE: floytp later told me it was about 8.4%.

Overall balance seems good and true to form for a Tripel Ale. Served double blind in a flight of Tripel Ales I’d likely say it was as solid effort that was within the profile and likely a lesser known Old World made Ale. It is a bit more nuanced than most up front, in your face American renditions.

Overall: Good job and a great first effort.

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Allagash Dubbel Reserve Batch 94

Allagash Dubbel Reserve Batch 94

Tasted non blind on July 8, 2012. Served from 750ml format.

Batch # 94.

Deep reddish, copper color in the glass, fairly clear looking with a full, solid head. Nose of roasted nuts, malt and a bit of coffee. Flavors of berries, malt balls and roasted nuts. Clean on the palate, good medium finish. Good to very good. Let’s call this one three and a half stars out of five.

Additional information from the brewery website:

Description: Belgian Style Dubbel ABV: 7%
Profile: Deep Red, Dry, Nutty
Serving Temperature: 40°-50°F
Availability: Year Round
Package: 12oz bottle, 750ml bottle, 5.17 gallon keg
Ideal Within: One Year

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