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Desi Kitchen
1515 S Cooper St Suite D
Arlington, TX 76010
Phone (469) 677-7747
Desi Kitchen

Desi Kitchen Vada

Desi Kitchen Vada

October 13, 2017

Desi Kitchen serves Authentic Indian Cuisine and does it well. Located in an unassuming strip center at the intersection of Park Row & Cooper St near the University of Texas Arlington Campus in Central Arlington this clean, sleek restaurant is a welcomed addition on the Arlington Ethnic Cuisine scene.

When you arrive you head straight to the counter where you place your order before sitting at any open table available. Payment comes later after you’ve eaten your meal. A slightly different spin on normal table service: order at the counter, sit, served, eat and return to the counter to pay. Efficient but my one recommendation here is if you’re not completely familiar with Indian cuisine you visit their web site in advance and research the offerings online so you’re prepared and ready upon arrival.

I ordered a Snack to start of the Vada ($3.99). Vada is a savory snack primarily from India proper. The Vada at Desi Kitchen are typical in the shape of a doughnut. Accompanied by three dipping sauces or Chutney. The Vada were hot and well seasoned and fried just so as not to be oily. The dipping sauces each took the Vada in a different direction, each standing out on their own, mostly building in intensity of spice from one to the other. This Snack is recommended.

Desi Kitchen Goat Biryani

Desi Kitchen Goat Biryani

My entree was the Goat Dum Biryani ($6.99). Biryani is a mixed rice dish typically available throughout South Asian, India in particular. Prepared with your selection of halal meats available each Biryani can be ordered prepared regular, medium spice and Spicy. Please be forewarned that Spicy means Spicy. This preparation is not for the faint of heart. My Biryani was prepared with Goat meat and Spicy. Tons of flavor here from all of the spices used with the mix of rices. Served with two dipping sauces I definitely recommend uses the coconut milk sauce to help quell the spice here. Next time I’ll likely order yogurt as a side, typical for this dish to smooth out the spice level. Moist and well prepared just be aware that it is typical to serve meats in India with the bones still attached. This dish is recommended.

My dining companions had the Chicken Curry ($6.99). Definitely not on the spice level as the Spicy Biryani this flavorful, moist dish packed a spicy kick as well. The curry broth was excellent, evidenced by the bowls wiped clean by the tasty Garlic Naan. This dish is recommended.

Food and wait service was quick and consistent throughout. Major credit cards are accepted. Parking is free and plentiful in the shared strip center lot in front of the restaurant. Attire is casual; shorts and a t-shirt get you in the door here.

Desi Kitchen: recommended.


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Connie’s Cafe
1700 W. Park Row Drive #116
Arlington, TX 76013
Phone (817) 583-6180
http://www.WEBSITE HERE!!!!!

October 14, 2017

Connie’s Cafe is one of the newest additions to the Central Arlington dining scene. Located in the old Chopped House Burgers location the focus here is on homecooking. Typical selections of Breakfast and Lunch entrees slightly expanded for the new evening hours (was only open for breakfast and lunch the first few weeks).

I had the Daily Special Chopped Steak with regular sides of Green Beans and Side Salad ($8.95). The Chopped Steak was flavorful and typical of a chopped steak but unfortunately it was cooked well done to the point a knife was needed to cut through the tough exterior. Chopped Steak should be fork tender so a slight ding on the preparation. The green beans were good and appeared to be homemade with a solid, smoky ham hock flavor to the broth. Unfortunately I made the mistake of dumping the side of Ranch Dressing onto my side salad (something I rarely if ever do) and the Ranch Dressing tasted terrible to me. Something akin to a Miracle Whip flavor I did not eat my salad. Lesson learned. This entree is only recommended if you can specify preparation be medium to medium rare and send it back if not prepared properly.

My dining companion got the other Daily Special of Fried Catfish. After sharing entrees and sides with everybody at the table the Catfish was unanimously deemed the best thing ordered. Crispy and flavorful with a good firmness inside while maintaining ample moisture and flakiness. This entree is recommended.

Last mistake was ordering a Chicken Fried Steak to go. This apparently gave the server the impression we were done bringing out the to go order along with a finalized check. Pity. Desserts at Connie’s Cafe are homemade and looked appetizing but I guess I’ll have to wait until a return visit to find out having quietly slinked to the front of restaurant with my prematurely prepared lunch check in tow.

Connie’s Cafe is open Sunday & Monday 6:30 AM-3:00 PM, Thursday through Saturday 06:30 AM-8:00 PM. Major credit cards are accepted (pay at front). Parking is in front of the restaurant in the shared strip center lot. Attire is casual; shorts and a t-shirt are enough to get you in the door.

Connie’s Cafe: good enough for a quick and reasonably priced bite if you’re in the area; not a destination unto it’s own.

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Jambo’s BBQ Shack
2502 Little Rd
Arlington, TX 76016
(682) 213-2780
Jambo’s BBQ Shack Website


December 23, 2015

Jambo’s BBQ Shack is a locally owned and operated BBQ restaurant with locations in Rendon and Arlington, Texas. Originally started in the Rendon location where owners Paula & Ashton Lovato purchased the Rendon location from pitmaster Jamie Geer the couple opened a second location in July 2015 in Arlington where the couple resides. It is safe to say Arlington is grateful for this new addition to the local dining landscape. This is evidenced by the daily “Sold Out” signs on many of the offerings.

The BBQ here ranges from sandwiches to plates to meat served by the pound. Most mainstays are offered in all formats including sliced and chopped brisket, pulled pork, sausage and bologna. Porks ribs are offered daily as well. Half chicken is a Wednesday special, pork a Friday special. The Signature Dishes are “The Jambo Texan” ($15.00) consisting of all of their standard meats piled high between two pieces of Texas toast and “The Sadie” ($9.00) which is a large baked potato piled high with brisket, sausage, onions, beans, butter, sour cream and cheese. The Sadie along with the two daily specials as well as some of the popular meat items such as the pulled pork are regularly sold out on a daily basis. So come early if you’re looking for something in particular.

I’ve visited Jambo’s several times as of this writing including for both lunch and dinnner, dining both on site and carrying out. I’ve enjoyed every single meal from pulled pork to the brisket both ways to the sausage to the ribs as well as every side dish in addition to the jalapeno starter. Everything has been good to excellent with favorites being the pulled pork and ribs.

If I had to grasp for a couple of negatives I’d say first up always try to go for an early lunch whenever possible. The meat always seems to be a bit moister and fresher at lunch than at dinner. My two cents worth. Also, the standard side dishes are a bit light on seasoning for my personal preference. I tend to skip them and order the fries instead. Makes for a perfectly satisfying meal for me served that way.

Service is quick and fairly efficient. Each visit things get smoother than the last.

Jambo’s does not serve alcohol so I believe you can BYOB. I have not to date but I believe I have seen a wine bottle or two on occassion so I believe BYOB is allowed. Obviously bring your own stems if you do.

Parking is free in the lot in front. Be forewarned at peak times the lot is always filled to maximum capacity. Happy hunting. Attire is casual. Shorts and a t-shirt are A-OK. Major credit cards are accepted.

Conclusion: Jambo’s is a welcomed addition to the Arlington dining scene. We’ve needed another locally owned and operated BBQ restaurant and to have one that is turning out good to really good fare is a blessing to boot. Jambo’s is recommended to highly recommended in my book.

Jambo's BBQ Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Pappasito’s – Arlington, TX Location
321 W. Road to Six Flags
Arlington, TX
(817) 795-3535
Pappasito’s Website

December 18, 2015

I typically do not comment on or review large chain operations. Their practices are what they are for a reason: profitability. They genuinely do not care for the customer experience beyond insuring their brand is not tarnished by rogue comments from some social media diva such as yours truly. So why bother? Well today I bother. I simply feel like ranting.

I recently visited Pappasito’s Cantina in North Arlington, Texas. The Pappas brand historically is a cream of the crop set of operations ranging from the Pappadeaux cajun restaurants to their Pappas Burgers restaurants to their flagship Pappas Brothers Steakhouse. I’ve never gone wrong before by popping into a Pappas brand for a reliable meal. Unfortunately, my last two visits to Pappasito’s in North Arlington were underwhelming at best. So instead of making a ruckus at the restaurant on a busy Friday night I decided to submit my frustration via their comments system clearly printed on my dinner receipt. Following are my online comments I submitted to Pappas Corporate within 24 hours of my recent visit:

Two major complaints. First up, your practice of flip that table is excessive. We felt rushed the entire meal, especially being handed our check while still eating our entrees and told “it can be changed if you want dessert”. Second, your food has really gone downhill. Everything I ate needed salt. EVERYTHING. Beans undercooked. You charge premium pricing for Tex-Mex food. You should serve premium food. It was bland across the boards and lackluster at best. This was my second visit in 30 days and consistent results both visits.

Following is the canned corporate response I expected received within 24 hours of submitting my comments:

Dear Mr. Dulworth,

Pappas Restaurants welcomes feedback from our Guests. We make efforts to utilize the information toward improving future dining experiences. We regret that you found circumstances of your recent visit disappointing. Your comments will be shared with the restaurant General Manager and we will follow up with you formally via the mailing address you provided.


Pappas Guest Relations

**Please do not reply to this e-mail**

…Please do not reply to this email. Yeah, I won’t. Why? Because nobody will get it except the corporate email server that’ll dump it into the bit bucket.

…and here I sit waiting for that response from the General Manager six days later and counting….

For the record on this particular visit I had the Chicken Fajitas ($20.95; ouch) with fresh flour tortillas, refried beans, pico de gallo and guacamole. I wanted sour cream and cheese so I had to pay extra for “The Works” ($4.95) to get a small dollop of sour cream, a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese and a huge pile of inexpensive lettuce and peppers which I didn’t want. As already indicated in my comments above everything I had was bland, requiring a liberal dose from the salt shaker on the table and the refried beans were flat out undercooked, firm and almost chewy. This dish is not recommended.

$25.90 to be rushed to eat bland food. I must be insane.

All the usual speel to wrap things up. Casual attire, free parking in the lot in front, major credit cards accepted, yada yada yada.

Conclusion: shame on you Pappasito’s. You’ve lost your way. I won’t knowingly go back without some arm twisting.

Pappasito's Cantina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Istanbul Grill
6204 S. Cooper St.
Arlington, TX 76001
(817) 557-3377
Istanbul Grill

Istanbul Grill Lamb ADANA

Istanbul Grill Lamb ADANA

December 4, 2015

Istanbul Grill is a family owned and operated Turkish grill located in a strip center in Southern Arlington. The emphasis here is on grilled meats with Mediterranean appetizers and side dishes.

We started our meal with the Hummus ($5.95) made with mashed chickpeas, garlic and tahini paste. The Hummus at Istanbul Grill is some of the best hummus I’ve had at a Middle Eastern/Greek influenced restaurant anywhere in the area. This appetizer is recommended.

We also shared a hot appetizer of Cigarette Borek ($5.95) consisting of cigarette sized slices of creamy feta cheese wrapped in phyllo dough and fried before serving. It was interesting with mild, savory flavors but not something I need to order every time I come unlike the hummus.

My entree for the evening was the Lamb ADANA ($11.95) consisting of spicy ground lamb rolled lengthwise like a cigar before grilling. The meat was very flavorful and moist, perfectly grilled. The dish is accompanied by delicious and moist rice with a pungent, vinegar laden slaw to cleanse the palate between savory, fatty bites of meat. This dish is recommended.

Service is very attentive. Kitchen service is quick, even on a busy Friday evening.

The real sparkle on this gem is Istanbul Grill is pure BYOB. Feel free to bring your own bottle of wine or beer to pair with your meal. There is no corkage fee. Glasses are barely passable so if you’re picky about your stemware feel free to bring your own. We did. NOTE: Wine BYOB is very popular here. During our recent Friday visit every party that came through the door brought a bottle of wine with the exception of two.

Parking is free in the strip center lot in front of the restaurant. There is no valet parking. Attire is casual; jeans and a casual shirt more than get the job done and seem to be the outfit of choice during our visits there. Reservations are accepted but for the most part the restaurant seems to be a walk in place. Maybe call ahead on busy evenings. Major credit cards accepted.

Conclusion: I’ve been here multiple times at this point in time and every dish I’ve tasted I enjoyed. Couple good food that is wine friendly (grilled meats), good pricing, BYOB option and casual atmosphere and I can’t recommend Istanbul Grill enough.

Istanbul Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Chamas do Brazil
4606 South Cooper Street
Arlington, TX 76017
(817) 375-0250
Chamas do Brazil

February 2, 2015

Chamas do Brazil is a Brazilian styled Churrascaria located in South Arlington. The focus here is meat, meat, more meat and maybe some salad and dessert wedged around yet more meat. All of this served in one of the nicer venues in the franchise dominated Arlington dining scene.

The salad bar is one of the better salad bars in the area. It matches well with other Churrascaria in the Dallas Fort Worth area. All of the usual suspects are here such as Caesar, Waldorf, Iceberg, Spring mix, etc… Hearts of Palm (a personal favorite), prepared salads such as carrots and raisin, soups, charcuterie meats and cheeses, etc… One could easily make a meal from the salad bar alone. This would be an excellent option for somebody visiting during the work week on a lunch hour.

The restaurant has a pretty wide range of meats available for service tableside. All of the typical meats one might expect are present such as picanha (top sirloin rump roast), picanha com alho (garlic) alcatra (top sirloin), fraldinha (bottom sirloin), sausages, bacon wrapped chicken, filet mignon, etc… They also serve lamb loin, lamp chops and the ever elusive beef ribs carved on a wooden carving board. During this particular visit they had BBQ pork ribs as well which I rarely if ever see at a Churrascaria. So the meat selections are wide and in almost all cases well prepared. My only disappointments were the sausages (off tasting) and bacon wrapped chicken (way too dry).

The only negative I have about Chamas do Brazil is the price for the dinner rodizio (i.e. your price per person for the all inclusive, all you can basically eat dinner). Adult pricing is $44.99 per person. That is top dollar for rodizio in the Dallas Fort Worth Churrascaria market. Granted the food and atmosphere here is the best rodizio Arlington has to offer but it isn’t the only option and others are better value on the quality versus price scale. Just my two cents worth of opinion.

Service was good throughout. Our waitress made frequent visits to make sure all was OK. The meat service was quick and regular which is always desired at a Churrascaria.

Chamas do Brazil has a basic but decent wine list available. It is presented on a tablet so you can easily search and sort as needed. Prices seem roughly 2 times retail, maybe 3 times retail for easy to recognize steak wines. The restaurant has a mixed beverage permit so they cannot allow BYOB under state law.

Reservations are accepted but walk-in is typically quick based on two visits. Parking is free self park in the strip center lot in front of the restaurant. Attire is casual: jeans and polo get the job done. Major credit cards are accepted.

Conclusion: Good Churrascaria and Salad Bar albeit a little pricy. I’ll still go back occasionally.

Chamas do Brazil on Urbanspoon

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Lupe’s Tex Mex Grill
770 E. Road To Six Flags, Suite #178
Arlington, Texas. 76011
Phone 817.460.6661

Carne a la Tampiquena

Carne a la Tampiquena

January 31, 2015

Lupe’s Tex Mex Grill is a small, locally owned set of restaurants situated in the North Texas cities of Bedford, Arlington and Keller. For this review we visited the Arlington location located in the Lincoln Square section of North Arlington just a stones throw from all major entertainment district venues such as the Dallas Cowboys stadium, Rangers Baseball park and Six Flags over Texas amusement park.

The menu is a healthy selection of classic Tex Mex favorites. The menu is broken up roughly between Appetizers, Grilled Fajitas, Specialties and simpler classic Tex Mex fare such as enchiladas, tacos and the like. There are daily specials as well as lunch specials during the work week. In short, there is a little bit of everything to satisfy just about any Tex Mex craving.

I had the Carne a la Tampiquena ($13.99) which is comprised of grilled beef strips and grilled onions topped with a Chipotle sauce. This large, filling entree is served with a cheese enchilada, pinto beans, guacamole and pico de gallo. Your choice of flour or corn tortillas are served on the side so you can create your own soft taco as desired. I found the meat to be tender, almost pull apart and quite flavorful with the Chipotle sauce on top. This dish is recommended.

Service was quick and attentive throughout the meal. Kitchen service was properly paced as well.

I didn’t notice a wine list (I didn’t ask for one) but the stars here are the cocktails and beers so order a large schooner of your favorite cerveza or margarita and settle in for the ride. It’ll pair much better with the cuisine here anyway. Since they have a mixed beverage license BYOB would not be allowed under state law.

Lupe’s accepts all major credit cards. Parking is free self park in the strip center in front of the restaurant. Attire is casual. Shorts or jeans with a decent shirt are perfectly fine.

Conclusion: Lupe’s is becoming one of my “go to” Tex Mex restaurants. I’ll be back.

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