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When I originally started keeping a journal it was actually my travel diary. Over the years I expanded it to become my life journal instead, a “private” diary as well as a travel diary. You’ll find everything here from my trips to wine reviews interspersed with significant personal and professional events from my life.

On the subject of travel, I have told many a person through the years that I have three passions in life. I love to eat, and sometimes even prepare, a wide variety of foods. I will literally try anything once. I also love to collect and drink wine; a wonderful combination for my passion of foods. But most importantly, above all else, I love to travel. I would give up food and wine to continue my travels. It is part of my soul. I am fortunate that my three passions in life go so well together.

Most of this journal is meaningless dribble. I document here all of the mundane facts that have consumed my life and travels since I started this journal. How I felt when I woke up, the aggravations I faced during the day, the work related details that would put anybody to sleep. But in the end, it serves its’ purpose. It is MY meaningless dribble.

So within this tome you will read of my travels, travails and tribulations. Sometimes I mix in a little bit of personal thought even though I am sitting at home. You see, when you love travel as much as I do, you are always on the road, always at home.

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