O’Toole’s Pub
328 SE Jackson St
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 673-5152
O’Tooles Pun

O'Tooles Grilled Cheese

O’Tooles Grilled Cheese

February 21, 2017

O’Tooles Pub is a neat little pub in downtown Roseburg. Old World style pub with good drinks and tasty, homey pub food. Wooden floors, booths and tables throughout. The menu is solely focused on pub food with lots of interesting starters, salads, soups, classics and burgers. Plenty of great local micro brews available on tap to while the evening away.

I ordered for my lunch the O’MAZING GRILLED CHEESE ($8.50) which consists of smoked mozzarella, candied bacon and house-made tomato jam served on grilled sourdough bread. The sandwich was a great little savory sandwich packing lots of flavor. Included with the sandwich are your choice of fries, soup, salad, cottage cheese, fruit or for a slight up charge onion rings or tater tots. At the suggestion of Casey the owner/operator I went for the onion rings which were a good sized portion of rings coasted in a thick pepper laden batter. They were some of the most interesting and packed full of flavor onion rings i’ve had in quite some time. This dish is recommended.

Service was quick and attentive. Our orders were taken and presented in a timely manner with regular follow up visits on refills from the drinks and whether all was well with the food and service. Just your typically friendly pub environment.

Attire is casual. Jeans or shorts get the job done here. Parking is metered street parking along the road in front of the pub. Major credit cards are accepted.

Conclusion: Like Arnold Schwarzenegger I’ll be back.

Loggers Pizza & Growlers
1350 NE Stephens St #10
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 672-5234

Loggers Tap House
2060 NW Stewart Pkwy
Roseburg, OR 97471
(541) 671-2206

Loggers Tap House & Pizza

Loggers Hook Tender Pizza

Loggers Hook Tender Pizza

February 20, 2017

Loggers is a local pizza operation comprised of two locations in tiny, small town Roseburg. The first is Loggers Pizza & Growlers. This smaller of the two locations seems focused more on pizza delivery & take out. There are dine in tables but the atmosphere is stark and dated, similar to a 1970’s Waffle House layout and decor. The other location is Loggers Tap House which is more in style with a sports bar atmosphere. Located across town near the shopping center Loggers Tap House provides more of a sit down and dine in atmosphere.

The pizza and beer theme is basically the same at both locations. There are several gourmet pizza options as well as the tried and true standards available at any pizza restaurant. The crust here is a little unique, made from a sourdough charger. This provides an added level of flavor to the pizza in addition to the toppings of your choosing. The Tap House location provides additional dishes beyond pizza such as burgers, sandwiches, baskets and additional appetizers not available at the Growler location. The Growler location has Growlers that are available for carry out so you can grab a pizza and growler to go.

I’ve eaten at both locations, the Tap House location back in October, the Growler location on this date and have to say the pizza is uniformly good at both locations. The chicken wing appetizer I had at the Tap House location previously was also quite tasty. The beer selection at both locations is quite good with plenty of local micro brew selections on tap and by the bottle.

On this occasion I ordered the Hook Tender 10 inch ($10.50) which is billed as a pepperoni Lovers pizza consisting of three types of pepperoni: Signature, Spicy & Cupping Pepperoni. The pepperoni combination was flavorful with a preferred slight crisp to it from the oven. Crust was firm and flavorful as well made from a sourdough charger. Previously I ordered the Create Your Own made with Pepperoni, Bacon & Jalapeno (PB&J) with similar results. Both pizzas are recommended.

Atmosphere at both locations is very much casual. Jeans or shorts get the job done at both locations. Parking is available at both locations in the lot fronting the locations. Major credit cards are accepted except for American Express.

Conclusion: Loggers is recommended for some of the best, casual pizza in Roseburg. If you dare order Dominoes your pizza ordering privileges should immediately be revoked.

  • 2002 R. López de Heredia Rioja Reserva Viña Tondonia – Spain, La Rioja, La Rioja Alta, Rioja (2/22/2017)

    Tasted non blind.

    Garnet to dark garnet color in the glass, clear looking throughout. Nose of cocoa powder, pepper, plum and a mix of dark and blue fruits. Flavors of berries, raspberries, plum and minerals. Medium to tart acidity, medium tannin, full bodied. Drink or hold. (91 points)

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  • 2004 Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir – USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (2/18/2017)

    Tasted non blind. Opened and served immediately. Followed over about 90 minutes.

    Garnet color in the glass, clear looking throughout. Nose of potpourri, saddle leather, red hills dust and red berries. Flavors of cranberries, red berries and red cherries. Medium acidity, medium tannin, medium to full bodied. Drink now. (93 points)

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McMenamins Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery
700 S.E. Sheridan St.
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 672-1934
McMenamins Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery

McMenamins T-N-T Basket

McMenamins T-N-T Basket

February 20, 2017

McMenamins is Pacific Northwest chain located in Oregon and Washington States. Consisting of a little over thirty locations McMenamins takes buildings of historic or interesting value and renovates them into restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues for a full evening of pleasure out with family and friends. I visited the Roseburg location which is one of the few that focuses solely on being a Pub & Brewery venue.

The menu is focused mainly on McMenamins Specialties, Sandwiches and Burgers. There are a decent selection of Starters and Salads from which to choose to round out your meal. There are also daily specials and a specialty burger of the month to add in a little variety for repeat visits.

I had the T-N-T Basket ($13.25) which consists of fried chicken tenders served with a generous amount of tater tots. There is a very tasty peppercorn ranch for dipping the chicken which frankly made the meal for me. There is also buttermilk coleslaw to round out the meal. The chicken strips looked on the surface like they might be pre-fab food service provided but they had pretty good flavor and were fairly moist on the inside so they might’ve been handmade. They were close enough I couldn’t definitively tell which is obviously a good sign. I substituted the garden salad for the coleslaw which I felt was a tasty and wise choice. I might order this entree again but will likely press onto something else on the menu next time.

There is a full bar and brewery on sight if you’d like a beverage of your choosing to relax into the meal.

Parking is available in a side lot. Dress is casual as are most spots in Roseburg. Major credit cards accepted.

Conclusion: Good food and service. I’ll be back.

Junkyard Extreme Burgers & Brats
95410 Highway 99E
Junction City, Oregon 97448
(541) 998.3232
Junkyard Extreme Burgers & Brats

Junkyard Burgers and Brats

Junkyard Burgers and Brats

February 19, 2017

Junkyard is a funky, eclectic drive thru and dine in burger joint located just north of Junction City, Oregon. Featured in an episode of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives this busy spot attracts locals and tourists alike. The funky and eclectic interior is littered with Bric a Brac including engine parts, a mannequin holding court over diners, signs, miscellaneous oddities and old license plates nailed to the walls throughout. Car seat styled benches and wooden chairs serve for seating at the mish mash of tables dotting the restaurant.

The main restaurant is small on the inside with room for I’m guessing 20+ people to dine. The outside tables and benches at least double the dining capacity of the restaurant but this being Oregon the cold and rain can drive you inside at any time. Be flexible accordingly. Ordering and pickup is counter or drive thru. The line can be long at times I understand so you should have plenty of time to review the large menu but you still might want to review it online in advance if it is your first visit because the menu is fairly extensive for such a small focused restaurant running from burgers to brats to hot dogs and beyond with a half dozen selections in every category.

Junkyard Extreme Burger

Junkyard Extreme Burger – Notice the hubcap sized fried cheese at the bottom

I ordered The Junkyard Extreme Burger ($12.50). This behemoth of a burger features Junkyard’s Signature Fried Cheese with Pepperoni and Jalapenos. This spicy combination is topped off with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle making this juicy, tasty burger a minimum six napkin burger on the “Dripiness Scale”. I say a minimum of six napkins because I could not finish this monster before throwing in that final sixth napkin. It might’ve commanded more if I could’ve finished it. This isn’t even their largest burger. Their signature burger is The Big Block which is a two patty burger that impresses one and all whenever it is served. I saw five served while I was there and I also saw five to go boxes with half a burger leave in every single case. This massive burger big enough for two meals sets you back a mere $13.50.

Parking is a little scarce. You might have to wait for a spot or perhaps walk a ways assuming you can park along the side of the road running beside the restaurant. I was fortunate enough to get a parking spot near the back door of the restaurant.

Cash is preferred. Credit cards are accepted but you’ll pay an additional .50 cents to use your plastic.

Conclusion: Junkyard Extreme Burgers & Brats is highly recommended for a casual, filling meal.

Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant
960 US 287 Frontage Rd
Mansfield, TX 76063
(817) 473-1882

Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant

Los Molcajetes Chile Relleno

Los Molcajetes Chile Relleno

February 18, 2017

Los Molcajetes is a locally owned set of Mexican restaurants located in Fort Worth, Roanoke and now Mansfield, Texas. Molcajetes means “Mortar and Pestle” which is used regularly as part of the cooking process of authentic Mexican dishes. The Mansfield location is situated in a shopping center in a free standing building facing the highway frontage road. Housed in what looks like a defunct Johnny Carino’s restaurant the interior is simple light green booths and walnut tables. Be forewarned that lots of families with smaller children frequent the restaurant so along with boisterous patrons charged by potent margaritas the tile floors make for a very loud noise level throughout the restaurant.

The focus here is on traditional Mexican cuisine with the obligatory Tex-Mex dishes scattered throughout. The menu is quite extensive with a large range of selections so you might want to grab a menu upon arrival to peruse while waiting for your table.

We passed on appetizers opting instead to curtail our hunger with the complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were light and crisp and tasty. The salsa however was a different story. You receive two kinds of salsa. A large bowl of regular salsa that tastes more like tomato sauce except on those rare occasions you actually find some of the elusive cilantro hidden inside. I found myself grabbing the salt shaker repeatedly in an attempt to infuse some flavor into the otherwise bland salsa. The other salsa comes in a tiny fast food plastic condiment cup and is a smoky, flavorful but very spicy salsa. It is a much better salsa than the tub ‘o tomato but also quite small and apparently not allowed to be refilled even though we asked.

We all ordered different cocktails and tried each others cocktail to get a good sampling from the full bar. None of the drinks impressed anybody. I ordered the Reserve Margarita which had a somewhat bitter taste on the back of the palate. I followed that up with the less expensive Perfect Margarita which was much better than the original one but still had an odd bitter finish.

Service by the wait staff was fine but service from the tortilla waitress and more important pace of service from the kitchen staff was very slow. So at this point my frustration and disappointment was building. Wait for a table. Loud atmosphere. Wait for service. Wait for food. Barely drinkable drinks. Bland salsa.

Then the entrees hit the table.  Everything changes in that instant. 

I ordered the Chile Relleno Plate ($9.25) and it was one of the best Chile Rellenos I’ve had since last visiting Santa Fe, NM in July 2016. The cheese version I ordered was perfectly prepared with a very flavorful combination of batter and rachero salsa. The entree includes sides of refried beans and rice, both of which where were very flavorful. I could not stop eating. I would’ve picked up the plate and licked it clean if I wouldn’t have embarrassed my dining patrons in doing so. This dish is recommended.

In addition I sampled the Pollo a la Plancha topped with an excellent Guajillo sauce and the Chicken Mole Enchiladas topped with a text book, flavorful dark mole that brought back memories of my last trip to Puebla, Mexico. Both of these dishes are recommended as well.

Los Molcajetes has a full bar and therefore cannot allow BYOB under state law. I didn’t ask for a wine list which I seriously doubt they have but the drink menu is fairly extensive. We had no luck with our four selections so I’d be tempted to simply order a bottled Mexican beer or Iced Tea next time.

Parking is free in the surrounding lot. Attire is casual. Shorts and a t-shirt get the job done here. The restaurant accepts all major forms of credit cards.

Conclusion: Los Molcajetes is a mixed bag. I’d recommend going at off times when the sound level is down and the service level is likely up. Stick with the entrees and ignore everything else.